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What is QR Code

Last updated on January 22, 2024

A QR code (abbreviated for "Quick Response code") is a type of two-dimensional barcode capable of storing various information, including text, URLs, contact details, and more. Smartphones and other camera-equipped devices can swiftly read QR codes, making them an efficient means of sharing data with users. QR codes have gained popularity for their versatility and user-friendly nature, finding applications in marketing, product packaging, events, and various other fields. An advantage of utilizing QR codes lies in their customization capabilities. With Vaf, you have the freedom to modify your QR code by altering shapes, adjusting colors of individual elements, and even incorporating a logo. It's essential to verify the functionality of the customized QR code by scanning it with a smartphone after adding a logo. This ensures that your personalized QR code remains operational and can be easily interpreted by users.

Below is an example of a QR Code generated with Vaf: 



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